Studio MakeOver Update

This challenge has been…challenging. The studio is still a messy place — but it is also a busy place overflowing with art.  YAY!

biz cards feb 2014

Participating in the studio makeover and declutter challenge didn’t help me  overhaul my work space in a big way, but it did help me make a few changes of the “when I get around to it” type, and that’s great.  Little annoyances add up so little fixes add up, too. And I do have several specific organizational solutions to implement going forward. I have been collecting stones to use to improve the view out my studio window and I am totally on the lookout for a drying rack!

I noticed with amusement that as soon as I cleared a space, something hopped into it.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so every glaringly empty spot  filled up immediately. Exhibit A : seed starting set-up claimed the pristine counter. (Aquilegia and foxglove and viola presently.)

post 4 seed starting counter


This is technically art-related because much of my work reflects my life-long interest in plants and landscapes.  On the other hand, that counter would have come in handy this week  when I needed miles of flat drying space.

Besides making art, delivering art to galleries, and taking some classes, I have been making advertising cards for our upcoming local  creativity nights. I liked those cards so much that I whipped up a few matching style business cards for myself.

The cards (top photo) have pieces of original art glued onto them. The colorful bits are pieces taken from one of a kind monotypes that were individually printed by hand using a gelatin plate, acrylic paints, and semi-transparent paper.  Lots of variety in color, texture and of course metallic accents.  So each card is basically a work of art in itself. Yum. I am very pleased with how they turned out. And I hope the glue is dry, I need to use some today!

So that’s my latest (and maybe final) update from the studio makeover. Time to rush out the door, cards in hand.





Author: Barbara Martin

3 thoughts on “Studio MakeOver Update”

    1. Hi Laura, Yes it is ongoing and some faster than others. I shouldn’t compare, in my case the lack of it is chronic and for as long as I can remember. Maybe I should also remember it didn’t get this way in a day and it can’t un-get this way in a day, and maybe I need to be more diligent about my ‘practice’ of building tidy habits? LOL. And yes, making art is seriously fabulous so we can celebrate that part for sure!!!! My takeaway from this is to consider trying out the habit of five minutes a day just for tidying? If the five turn into 25 that’s fine, otherwise it is as least five more than there would have been without the habit. sneaky!

  1. I love the ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ comment. I’ve had to clean up three times since I ‘finished’ the makeover because it gets cluttered so fast. But working does that and it’s great that you’re being so productive! Thanks so much for doing the makeover with me. It was great to have accompaniment.

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