C is for Chair Time

chairC is for chair time, as in, time doing the actual work. Being an artist is not all tra-la-la in the sunshine all the time. Mostly it is working hard: first make the art; then inventory, package, display and promote it.

I love making the  art. That part does not seem like “work” the way the rest of the job seems like work.

Some weeks it takes as much (or more) time and effort  and if I am honest, mental energy, to find appropriate galleries and shows; frame,  name and price the pieces; photograph/scan and label them; deliver/ship/pick up the work and update my inventory notes;  let collectors know about the shows, and attend the openings — here you might say, yay party! but for an introvert like me, a party is more like work, less like play — than it did to create the art itself in the first place.

Ultimately exciting. Exhausting, too, when multiple shows open simultaneously. This week, for example, I have work in four different area galleries with four different  opening dates.  Five (!) counting my Artist-in-Residence display at the music hall.  Exciting! I remember when I thought three at a time would really be something. Exciting, you betcha, but WHEW!

No wonder yesterday’s post had the sleepy time bear in it. This is the third post in the alphabet-based April A to Z Challenge. Sign up for email updates and never miss a letter! 🙂

Author: Barbara Martin

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