Studio Makeover Fail Update 3

post 3 clutter failWhelp, the truth is I didn’t get much done on the studio makeover challenge this week.   The once clear table is not clear now. There is art stacking up on the floor. And on chairs and stools. And on the other table.

I was busy all week: helping plan a new local to Hillsboro, OR art group and finding a location for it, a quick trip to the coast, a handful of agates to sort, a trip to the book store to pick up a single book mysteriously took half a day, dithering over a new gallery application took half a day … oh and I played around in the studio, too — including the artful mapping piece. post 3 stack on table


Might be a time management issue, might be a lack of focus issue, might be a ooooooh-shiny-object issue? Or maybe I just don’t like organizing, it’s much more fun to putter. (I’m sure there is an applicable fable about the critter who puttered and the one who worked diligently. And how one starves to death and the other has a full belly all winter.)

post 3 stack on floorI might say this is pretty typical of creative people in the throws of a creative surge where the work takes on a life of its own and the day-to-day mundane is forgotten….

Or, and I suspect this is the real reason: I am not sure what the next step should be. It’s a little overwhelming. Or is that just an excuse?

Does this sound familiar — What do you think?

Today, I can feel bad about not getting it done and avoid writing about what I didn’t do, or I can save that negative energy and apply myself to getting back on the horse. Let’s see if I can make up for lost time by next 3 stack stack on stool

Wish me luck, ‘cos apparently I need it!

Meanwhile, Jean Wilkey is refinishing walls (!) and Christine Martell is being all ingenious about hanging work in progress.

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Author: Barbara Martin

6 thoughts on “Studio Makeover Fail Update 3”

  1. I feel your pain! I am usually stumped by fear and not knowing what is next. Take heart! Just make a move and whatever you do can always be undone or redone. It is not forever! Keep at it. 🙂

  2. Better to do a little and realize what else can be done…
    than to simply walk away from it all!
    Okay, go ahead, walk away from it all, and then come back refreshed.

    You’ve had a busy week, and a productive one from the look and sound of it.
    No Fail.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Mavis! I went out in the yard and tossed some big (for me) landscaping stones around this afternoon to let off steam. It was a rare sunny spell and I felt the need of some all-natural vitamin D! Maybe tomorrow I’ll settle down and get to work inside.

  3. Actually Barbara, I think that’s what the camera was invented for – so we can take pics of our studio when it’s organized since it only stays that way until we start working again!! If the pics you see on my blog look all organized and clean but that’s only because I moved the mess to the other side of the room while I was taking the photo. At the big reveal my goal is to make and post a video so it will really all have to be neatened up, but it never stays that way. Better to be working than to be organized!

    1. Thanks, Jean. It is true the time wasn’t wasted, but one of my original motivations was to make it easier to work in the studio and that isn’t really happening. Or at least not as fast as I’d like.

      Video! Such a smart idea! But you do know there is editing capability for slicing, dicing and splicing your footage, right?! Not that you’d need to, but in case it ever comes in handy. LOL

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