B is for Splendid Bear

splendorporium card w bearThis  splendid little bleary-eyed Bear is reminding me it is late and it’s time to go to bed! I am an eight hours a night kind of person and lately I’ve been short-changing myself. Do  you need to catch up on your shut-eye time, too?

ps Did you notice the postcard under the bear? If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, consider stopping by Splendorporium Gallery this Friday evening when the annual Printmaking and Photography show opens.  I am showing brand new, hot off the plate, one of a kind, Knox gelatin monotypes. I caught a glimpse of some of the work submitted for this show and it looks pretty interesting.  Also, music by Cody Raymond and since it’s Splendorporium, the atmosphere will be festive and fun!

pps This is the second post in the April A to Z Challenge. B is for Bear!

Author: Barbara Martin

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