Barbara Martin: Artist based in Hillsboro – The Silicon Forest – near Portland, Oregon.

“Descended from a line of story tellers and herbalists and influenced by an internationally nomadic life, Oregon artist Barbara Martin channels the primordial through her art, calling us home to our most ancient roots of time and place.”

I love a good adventure and pursue constant exploration and discovery in my art, always stretching for something new. My paintings reveal places in time from the serenity of a landscape … to the horror of a nightmare.

I start with automatic painting using my fingers. Then I add and subtract layers, intuitively applying paint and glazes, veiling or negative shape painting, scratching away, perhaps adding pencil or oil pastel. Media include acrylic to encaustic to alcohol inks on substrates from synthetic paper, to canvas to plywood.

Alone in the studio, I listen to each painting. My fingers push and pull at the very threads of story and timeless existence…until imagery, color and texture develop into a narrative. Since I come from a long line of herbalists and storytellers, many primordial (and sometimes surreal) connections flow naturally to me. I am just a conduit.

Selected recent shows include A solo showing at The Civic Center in Hillsboro, Here Be Art invitational at the Walters in Hillsboro, The Washington County Open Studios Tour, and the (juried) Dragon Boat Show at Portland5.   Past and future shows listing.


Member: The Green Cab Artists group, Catherine Bede Gallery, Oregon Society of Artists, Valley Art Association, Village Gallery, Tualatin Valley Artists.