New Visionary Art Workshop

visionary painting Super Elf by Barbara Martin (Super Ply Series)
visionary painting Super Elf by Barbara Martin (Super Ply Series)

I have developed a new visionary painting and creativity workshop based on my recent black and white paintings on plywood, the “Super Ply” series. We will follow the steps of my usual process in creating these unique paintings. You will practice working from your own imagination and in your very own personal imagery and style.

Advanced to beginning painters welcome, you do not need much painting experience at all to learn the process because the technical aspect is pretty simple. The mental approach or thought process to it however is something every artist can learn and benefit from and I am delighted to share it with you.

I promise it will be fun and you will discover lots of useful information about your personal painting process.

Come prepared to loosen up, dive deep and paint freely! HINT: Wear painting clothes and bring hand protection if you are sensitive to art materials, it can does get messy.

You must preregister.  The cost includes all materials you need for your painting.  Get additional details and register now.

Did I mention how excited I am to be offering this new workshop!? Hope to see you there!